Dr. Jane Darakjian

Dr. Jane Darakjian

  • Position: Functional Nutrition- Clinical Dietitian& Exercise Medicine
  • Experience: 15+ Years
  • Qualification: PhD, IFPA, MF
  • Email: info@openmindscenter.com
  • Phone: +971528617053

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Personal Experience & Biography

Dr.Darakjian is an Armenian Lebanese trained in Beirut at Rejuvenating and Cardiac clinic. Over 14 years she practiced Head of the Clinical dietician Department covering: oncology, dyslipidaemia, metabolic syndrome, mental health, chronic conditions, diabetes, GI tracks, sports medicine and advanced in functional nutrition and exercise therapy through holistic approach.

She accomplished research projects at UCLA. She has been invited to media talk shows as an expert speaker at Dubai & Abu Dhabi TV, MBC all channels, Al Arabia, The Doctors at Hollywood at main studio in Los Angeles. Successfully completed Wellness Health project for Dubai Police Academy for 2 years program 2015/2016. Cooperation with multidisciplinary level of corporates and patients/ employee’s overall wellbeing in their life and at the workplace. Successfully initiate post-launch optimization multi-variant testing and investigation strategies and revenue optimizations opportunities in healthcare.




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