Dr. Anna Grazia Lecca

Dr. Anna Grazia Lecca

  • Position: Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Adult Clinical Psychology Department
  • Experience: 25 Years
  • Qualification: PhD in Clinical Psychology (UK)
  • Email: info@openmindscenter.com
  • Phone: +971528617053

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    Personal Experience & Biography

    Dr. Anna Grazia Lecca is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Mental Health Practitioner with a strong professional training in Italy and in the UK and a constant professional and personal development.

    Her wide and international experience of more than 25 years in mental health, psychiatric wards, forensic, penitentiary and clinical settings, combined with her fascinating passion for this field and her deep engagement with clients allow her to understand the essential core of their problems at the very early stages of the therapy and deliver tailored, focused and effective clinical interventions based on research literature and informed by outstanding clinical practice and high commitment to ethical values.

    Dr Anna Grazia Lecca integrates different therapeutic methodologies in a holistic perspective of the treatment approach; she helps her clients to harmonize their challenging situations balancing their emotions with insightful thoughts, and enhancing the understanding of their experiences in their spiritual dimension.

    Dr Anna Grazia Lecca works towards achieving a steady emotional balance and a progressive life transformation in a gentle process that focuses on the energy of acceptance and compassion and on the power of forgiveness and love.




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