Team Members

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Krishnendu P K

Krishnendu holds masters in audiology and speech-language pathology with 2 and half years of experience in pediatric assessment and rehabilitation of speech and language disorders. She has experience in working with a multidisciplinary team.
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Dr Majid Shahohammadi

Dr Majid Shahohammadi, an Iranian psychiatrist, obtained his diploma of a doctoral degree in medicine at Tabriz University of Medical Science in 1991. He practiced as a general practitioner in his private clinic.
British trained psychologist

Ms. Nour Diam

Ms. Nour Diam is a CDA Licensed Professional Psychologist with a wide experience in helping children, adolescents, and adults with a diversity of life challenges and mental health concerns.
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Dr. Letizia Mugnai

Dr. Letizia is an Italian Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with more than 15 years of experience in the Mental Health field, working in different settings, including her personal private practice and private clinics in Italy
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Mrs. Tania Hachem

Tania Hachem obtained her Bachelor's degree in Psychomotor Therapy in 2010 and her Masters in 2013 from Saint Joseph University – Beirut, Lebanon. She is a trilingual psychomotor therapist with extensive professional experience. She practiced for 12 years in Lebanon with patients having several disabilities and pathologies. She essentially worked…

Certified BCBA Therapist

BCBA is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Graduated with an M.Sc. in Applied Behavioural Analysis from Bangor University, UK. Our BCBA has over seven years of international experience (UK and Dubai) in providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services across multiple settings such as schools, universities, organizations, and clinics.
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Ahmad Ali Alrababah

Ahmad Ali is a Jordanian occupational therapist with more than 3 years of experience in pediatric (autism, down syndrome, ADHA and learning difficulty) and geriatric (CVA and spinal cord injury) in Jordan and UAE.

Dr Jelena Lubenko

Dr Jelena Lubenko is a clinical and counselling psychologist licensed in Latvia (EU) and Dubai with more than 15 years of practical experience in clinical practice and academic environments.

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